Gravity Tables

Our new gravity tables bring something new to the seed cleaning table; density sorting.  Typically, gravity tables are stationary assets that severely restrict their use.  We have been able to make these tables portable, allowing us to bring it to our customers.  By bringing these gravity tables to sort by density, we are able to sort grain by test weight while cutting simultaneously removing all of the light density grain and undesirable contaminates.  This is very advantageous compared to traditional portable seed cleaning and results in an incredibly pure seed.  The gravity tables are an additional cleaning service we offer, but it greatly increases the final seed quality and we are very excited by the opportunities this new mobile technology offers.


Our dual sized indent drums give us the ability to sort grain by shape.  This is incredibly important in the removal of jointed goat grass, rescue grass, buckwheat, and wild oat in contaminated grain.  This is part of our standard cleaning package.



The first part of our standard portable seed cleaning package is the traditional screening and air blowing processes.  In our screening process, we are able to remove undesirable contaminates that are too large or too small such as rocks, wheat heads, cheat, buckwheat, and the occasional cell phone, wrench, or snake.  In addition, we are able to remove light chaff at this stage due to the air blowers.  



When we arrive on the job, we have a compact and efficient set up that has been decontaminated and cleaned from the previous job.  With how most farms have their grain bins set up, we can go in and set up all of our equipment in parallel lines. This allows us to clean two bins and then only have to pull all of the equipment forward a few feet, drastically minimizing downtime between bins. However, we can also set up for whatever the situation calls for and can typically be set up and running within fifteen minutes of arrival.


Dust surpression

Our cleaners have integrated dust collection systems to reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and chaff that is released into the air.  This keeps your property cleaner while posing less of a nuisance.


Our entire setup is powered by on-board generators requiring no plugins to your facilities.  In addition, we can bring several portable augers to assist in grain management.  However, grain trucks, grain treating equipment, and augers that are over thirty-one feet in length are not provided.